The Flooring Contractors Association (FCICA) announced 26 newly named Certified Installation Managers (CIM) who took part in the 3 Days to CIM Charlotte training event hosted by Bonitz in Concord, North Carolina, February 21 to 23, 2023.

CIMs and program mentors, Don Styka, CIM, Tarkett, and Mike Kelly, CIM, Synergy Flooring, led the training. 

Bonitz's leadership team was very supportive and helpful with the coordination of the training. Bonitz's facilities, located outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, provided the space and equipment needed for the candidates to learn and concentrate. At the conclusion of the first day of training, Bonitz hosted an evening happy hour where the participants had an opportunity to get to know each other and network. 

FCICA plans to hold additional 3 Days to CIM training sessions in 2023. If you are interested in participating or hosting one of these events at your facility, please contact  FCICA Executive Director Catherine Church.

The following professionals completed their CIM training:

Michael Bouchard, Bonitz Flooring Group 

Patrick Brown, Bonitz Flooring Group 

Larry Burt, Atlanta Flooring Design Centers

David Carter, Milliken & Company

Michael Crane, Atlanta Flooring Design Centers

John Curtis, Preferred Flooring MI LLC

James Eaton, Atlanta Flooring Design Centers

Pete Flores, Bonitz Flooring Group 

Cody Godfrey, Bonitz Flooring Group 

Brady Gunter, Bonitz Flooring Group 

Jeff Heisinger, Atlanta Flooring Design Centers

Morgan Hyde, Portico Systems

Craig Jackson, Atlanta Flooring Design Centers

Jared Jones, Duffy & Lee Company

Michael Maldonado, Bonitz Flooring Group  

Dennis McHugh, Bonitz Flooring Group 

Hunter Meacham, Bonitz Flooring Group 

Fernando Nanita, Bonitz Flooring Group 

Carissa Parr, L&R Enterprises, Inc.

Cory Pederson, Bonitz Flooring Group 

Roco Rampolla, Atlanta Flooring Design Centers

Jared Rich, Bonitz Flooring Group  

Nick Sears, Bonitz Flooring Group 

Chris Shilts, Bonitz Flooring Group 

Josh Stafford, Bonitz Flooring Group 

Eric Tate, Atlanta Flooring Design Centers

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