Can you believe we are already three months into 2023? Where does the time go? So much has happened since the start of the year. Everyone has ramped up their training programs to include more training and certifications and are still working to add more! More innovative tools, products, equipment and technologies are being launched. This month we touch on some of these. 

Darryl Jones, manager of commercial sales training, QuickDrain, walks us through some helpful tips to install curbless shower systems. First, he provides a list of advantages to utilizing a linear drain, and then, walks readers through each step in the design process to ensure a successful installation that is completely waterproof. 

Megan Renk, owner, Mosaix Tile Installation & Services, speaks with FCI about her tile installation business out of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. She highlights the importance of creating relationships with her clients, and how she is exposing young people to flooring installation as a potential career option. 

In this month’s FAB column, Kyle Hedin, host, Floor Academy Podcast, writes about “Finding the Stress Sweet Spot in Your Life and Business.” He shares a story about his most recent life achievements, how it should’ve made his life stress-free, but instead, he realizes that some stress in life may be necessary for the sake of motivation. See what you think! 

Laura Mireles, owner, Daniels Floors in Roswell, Georgia, shares her story in this edition of "What's My Legacy." She has had to pivot with the times when it comes to flooring installation and throughout all of the challenges and successes, she made it a point to teach her six daughters about flooring. Be sure to check out her story!