Coverings kicks off April 18 and runs through April 21 in Orlando, Florida. This year, the show is offering a full schedule of sessions with a wide variety of education, demonstrations, trainings and products relevant to the flooring installation/contractor community, including a session on female tile installers. 

This is a selection of the education sessions and certifications available this year: 

Tuesday, April 18

NTCA - Ask Me Anything About Installation: 8-9am

Join NTCA members and other industry professionals for this “ask me anything” session. This open discussion will allow contractors, specifiers, retailers, and more to ask questions of expert consultants on everything from managing projects and teams, to best practices and fixing failures.

Be a Prepper: Exterior Substrate Prep Presented by NTCA: 10-10:30am

The NTCA training team will discuss the importance of substrate preparation on exterior installations and demonstrate the use of different materials to bring surfaces into tolerance.

Contractor Tour: 11-12pm

This show floor tour will expose you to the latest tools, equipment, and allied products for contractors, installers, retailers, distributors, and specifiers. Learn from manufacturers as you view products and services to help you on your next project. These hour-long tours will depart from The Coverings Lounge at 11:00 AM on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so sign up at The Coverings Lounge ASAP Tuesday morning. The tours will conclude in The Lounge, where attendees can also see a live demo of a raised pedestal system being installed and experience a live Q&A.

Raised Pedestal System Live Demonstration: 12-1pm

Woody Sanders and his team from DW Sanders Tile & Stone Contracting will create a raised pedestal system for outdoor use live on the show floor. Tuesday through Thursday at noon, Woody and his team will build the 11' x 11' pedestal system using outdoor pavers to demonstrate how the system can be easily installed and its myriad of uses.

Proper Handling and Installation of Large Format Glass Panels: 12:30-2pm

Glass tile is a popular choice for consumers, designers, and specifiers for both commercial and residential installations. Traditionally produced and offered in mosaic patterns, glass tile is becoming popular in larger formats. It is essential that installers be properly trained and educated on these products. 

Wednesday, April 19

Tile Installation Solutions and Systems for Exterior Projects: 9:30-10:30am

This session will feature case studies of successful installations of porcelain and glass tile as well as natural stone on exterior application. Product trends in varying formats, sizes, and thicknesses will be discussed, and new technology and installation systems will be introduced.

Raised Pedestal System Live Demonstration: 12-1pm

Join Woody Sanders and his team from DW Sanders Tile & Stone Contracting, as they create a raised pedestal system for outdoor use, live on the show floor. Tuesday through Thursday at noon, Woody and his team will build the 11' x 11' pedestal system using outdoor pavers to demonstrate how the system can be easily installed and its myriad of uses.

A New Concept in Waterproof Board for Tiled Shower Walls Presented by Profilitec: 12:30-1pm

Lightweight and waterproof boards for tiled shower walls has become a standard in the industry, however, many of these boards incorporate polystyrene as their core. Polystyrene is brittle, damages easily during transport and is very difficult to recycle and, thus, represents a large portion of landfill waste. Profilitec has developed a new concept in lightweight waterproof board made of 100% recycled material that is stronger, more versatile and much better for the environment. This presentation will introduce this new concept.

Case Studies in Porcelain Panel Tile Installation: 12:30-2pm

For the past several years, the NTCA training department has worked with porcelain tile manufacturers to provide training and education on the proper installation of gauged porcelain tile panels in commercial and residential projects. In this session, case studies will detail what goes into specification, design, and installation of these products. This panel presentation will include the architect/specifier and the installer and will cover the importance of hiring companies that can demonstrate a trained and qualified workforce that has embraced this technology.

Tour: Building Your Installation Truck: 2:30-3:30pm

Who hasn't run into unique installation challenges? Having a properly stocked truck can be essential to complete the job. Learn about the tools and technology that make an installers’ life easier on the road. Come away with a checklist and templates that will assure you are prepared for any installation challenge that may arise.

Thursday, April 20

What Is ANSI 108.5 and Why Is It So Important to the Tile Contractor & Architecture/Design Community?: 8-9am

ANSI 108.5 has been updated. The new standard on how to install ceramic tile with dry-set or latex modified Portland cement is more streamlined and easier to understand. This is important to tile contractors, architects, specifiers and designers. Applying and embedding tile properly into tile mortar absolutely affects the performance of the tile installation. The speaker will discuss the new version of ANSI 108.5 and what can happen if this standard is not met in an installation.

Women Talking: 9:30-10:30am

It takes a variety of skills, talents and perspectives to support industries like tile and construction. Women have long been active in a variety of roles in business – from supporting roles to management, and leadership positions. In recent years, women have taken on more visible roles as hands-on installers, artisans, apprentices, designers, influencers. In Women Talking, women from diverse aspects of the industry talk about their journeys and experiences, what drew them to this life path, how roles have changed, and what opportunities exist for women today.

Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On: Exterior Movement Accommodation in Tile Assemblies: 1:30-2pm

Expand your knowledge as the NTCA training team teaches the correct installation of movement accommodation joints while using a variety of materials to ensure success.

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