This month we celebrate ceramic tile. I just wrapped up the Tile of Spain Passport to Creativity Tour, and Coverings is just around the corner! For those of you who weren’t following the Tour on social, I was selected to represent the American trade press as we made our way through Valencia, Spain, touring Spanish tile manufacturers, the Old City and Cevisama, the ceramic tile tradeshow. It was a trip to remember. While there, I managed to locate some new and innovative products that I think you will find interesting. Be sure to check out the Installation Innovations roundup

Ken Ballin, owner, Skyro Floors, and winner of last year’s FCI Installation Awards’ Residential Tile/Stone category for his turtle scribe shower project contributed a detailed writeup on scribing tile. He walks readers step-by-step through the scribing process to help you set your work apart from others, giving helpful tool and equipment tips along the way.  

Scott Carothers, Tile Tip columnist and academic director, CTEF, covers the importance of successfully installing movement accommodation joints. He points out that often times these joints are not installed correctly or sometimes not at all!  

How many times have you caught yourself or overheard someone else say, “That’s the way we’ve always done it?” Kyle Hedin, Floor Academy Briefing columnist and host, Floor Academy Podcast, challenges readers to do a little self-analysis and decide if an attitude change is needed—all in the name of customer satisfaction and business success.  

Coverings runs April 18-21 in Orlando, Florida. I will be there looking for more installation related products and education. If you plan to go, be sure to connect with me: I’d love to connect and hear about your tile experience.