Bona US, a global, sustainably-driven company that supplies products for installing, renovating, maintaining, and restoring premium floors, is launching Bona SuperSport Elite, the latest innovation in its full suite of sport floor products. This two-component waterborne urethane finish is specifically formulated for professional use on maple sport floors and the new technology of Bona SuperSport Elite Satin Sheen helps minimize glare and reflections on the court surface.

“We are excited to introduce Bona SuperSport Elite and, specifically, the new Satin Sheen which is unique to the market,” said Bill Price, Director of Sport and Jan San Sales at Bona. “More sport floors are interested in a satin sheen surface not only because of the unique look but also to reduce light reflection on the floor surface. Bona SuperSport Elite also provides unprecedented scratch and scuff resistance as well as exceptional sheen retention with its non-yellowing properties that remain clear and colorless.”

Bona SuperSport Elite is easy to maintain for lasting beauty with its superior durability compared to traditional waterborne finishes or solvent based systems. With low VOCs and a consistent look that lasts, this newly formulated finish is available in satin and gloss sheens. It also offers superior protection against wear and tear while simplifying daily cleaning practices – making it ideal for any high traffic area such as gymnasiums, fitness centers or sports arenas.

In addition, Bona SuperSport Elite offers a sustainable solution for sport facilities with low VOCs and GreenGaurd Certification for indoor air quality. The product is also approved by Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association (MFMA) and is MFMA compliant.

For more information on Bona SuperSport Elite, please visit or contact your local distributor.

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