Kyle Hedin, FCI columnist and host of the Floor Academy Podcast, is approaching his 200th episode. Two years ago, for the 100th episode "Patience, Understanding and Sunflower Bags," Hedin's wife Jamie, took over the podcast and had an in-depth discussion with Treva Blackburn, wife of Rueben Potter—owner of Floors by Southern Boys, and Tanya Gonzalez, wife of Daniel Gonzalez—owner of Preferred Flooring, concerning what it is like for the wives of flooring installation business owners and to provide insight into their perspective on the flooring industry. Once again, Jamie will take over the show to continue to provide value to the audience in new and unexpected ways.

"This amazing woman has supported me through every up and down in our lives," said Hedin. "Whether it was my stint of trying to make it in reality television, building a flooring business, or starting a podcast, she has never once shut me down. She has always had my back and been my biggest supporter. I could not have accomplished any of it without making sure our kids and home were taken care of while I was handling the business."

For the 200th episode, Jamie is looking to speak with the wife or girlfriend of a couple in their early to mid 20’s that has gone out on their own. Jamie wants to talk about what it looks like to invest in your significant other; what worries or doubts do they have; what are their frustrations; and what pitfalls can you avoid by hearing from someone who has already been there? 

If this sounds like you and your significant other please reach out to to discuss this opportunity further.

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