The new Grip Rite Ninja Hidden Deck Clip helps deck installers build strong, beautiful decks while saving time. The new clips are the latest deck fastener innovation from PrimeSource Building Products’ extensive portfolio of products.

The Grip-Rite Ninja Hidden Deck Clip is designed to bring strength, stability, and speed to grooved deck board installations. The patent-pending design features compression fit levers that hold the clip in place, accelerating the installation of deck boards, while serrated metal teeth hold boards securely in place. 

Installation is simple and fast. Each clip is pre-assembled with a Grip-Rite PrimeGuard Max 316 Stainless Steel coated fastener, eliminating the frustration of fumbling for separate fasteners and manually threading them into the clips. The innovative design of the Grip-Rite Ninja Hidden Deck Clip also eliminates the need to pre-set each fastener, which significantly speeds installation.   

Grip-Rite Ninja Hidden Deck Clips have been designed with a universal fit and are suited for use with grooved deck boards, including most composite decking boards, as well as treated lumber, cedar and redwood. The anti-corrosion properties of the PrimeGuard Max 316 coated stainless-steel fasteners make the Grip-Rite Ninja Hidden Deck Clip appropriate for use in high humidity coastal areas and around pools. The patent-pending design of the Grip-Rite Ninja Hidden Deck Clip offers users the flexibility to use a single clip style to create multiple deck patterns — straight, diagonal or herringbone — all with a seamless surface finish.

With an extensive offering including screws, hand drive and collated nails, pneumatic tools and compressors, as well as a wide range of building envelope, roofing accessory and concrete forming products, Grip-Rite is the brand trusted by contractors nationwide to complete their exterior and interior construction projects.  

The Ninja Hidden Deck Clips are conveniently offered in 50- or 500-square foot packages and are available at home centers, hardware stores and lumberyards nationwide. To learn more about the Grip-Rite Ninja Hidden Deck Clips or any of our other products, visit