If you attended The International Surface Event (TISE) 2020, you were able to see new products and attend some great educational sessions. If you didn’t attend, you missed out on new products, great education opportunities and the chance to network.

Here’s a rundown of what caught my attention at this year’s show:

MAPEI has introduced new products that allow for the installation of LVP/LVT in a wet application. Yes, you’ve heard that many of these products have waterproof cores, but you would not think to install the products on the on the floors, walls, or even ceilings of a shower. Well, MAPEI has the system that makes it possible, and if you’re wondering about slip resistance, they took care of that too with Mapecoat 4 LVT coating, which comes in two different gloss levels. MAPEI’s Jeff Johnson walked me through the installation system and it was definitely an eye catcher!

Another exhibitor I visited was Ventiques. The Minnesota-based company is selling aluminum vents for LVP, wood and ceramic. There are several different vent design options available to make each installation unique.

As you have probably seen, flooring products are moving into areas other than just floors. I stopped over at the CalFlor booth and spoke with Todd Hall about the Omur on-the-wall system that allows you to mount click floors on the wall either vertically or horizontally. It can be installed on drywall, wood, brick concrete and more. There is no adhesive required and there are brackets and clips that keep the material attached without the use of adhesives.

Schönox brought in an absolutely gorgeous Porsche Spyder 918 hybrid. I asked Thomas Trissl if that was his daily driver. He was telling me he was very nervous just driving it over to their booth and even had one of his associates follow him to make sure he arrived safely. The car looked great in the booth and had a connection to the company. The Porsche was a hybrid and Schönox has a version of hybrid products that they are taking to the next level. Two of those products include AP and AP Rapid Plus, which are self-level products that utilize hybrid active Dry Technology with their synthetic gypsum. If you know about gypsum-based products, you know that they can take up to several days to cure before flooring can be installed over them. With AP Rapid Plus, products can be installed in as little as six hours, which adds up to valuable time for installations.

ProKnee, who had a much larger show booth this year, made it very convenient for installers attending the show to get fitted on the spot and walk away with a great pair of knee pads.

And last but not least, you can’t attend TISE without seeing friends and colleagues. I had the privilege to run into two very dear friends, Fred Carter and Tim Provence. Great to see the two of you and thanks for taking a few minutes to catch up!